Monthly Update- May!

This recurring post is not as chock-filled of goodies as I had hoped when I started it in early 2020, but I still want to let people know what I’ve been up to and how I am doing in intense times.


I completed the first draft of a short story the other day, which is a big accomplishment given how much trouble I’ve had keeping up my creative output in the midst of the pandemic. I am hoping to get it edited moving forward and see what I can do with it!


I am a silver medal winner! The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus was awarded a Silver Medal in the “Best New Voice-Fiction” category for the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards. You can find the announcement and my acceptance speech below.

In upcoming news, the award winners for the Midwest Book Awards, of which I am a finalist, will be announced on June 27th!

Reading and Watching Resolutions

A slower month for reading, but I completed Fred Wah’s poetry collection Diamond Grill, and am halfway through The Monk.


My fiancee, Andrea Klassen’s, podcast, Me & AU is debuting in June and I could not be more excited. Check out their trailer now!

I am originally from Minnesota, and have been watching the protests and brutal police responses spread across the country from my home state. If you are able, please donate to your local bail-fund or mutual aid organization, to help people get back home. A list of national resources can be found here.

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