2023 Reading and Watching Resolutions

2023 Reading Resolution

  1. A book written in North America: 
  2. A book written in Central America/Caribbean: 
  3. A book written in South America: 
  4. A book written in East Asia: 
  5. A book written in South Asia: 
  6. A book written in Africa: 
  7. A book written in the Middle East: 
  8. A book written in Australia/Pacific Islands: 
  9. A book written in Russia: 
  10. A book written in Europe: 
  11. A biography or memoir: 
  12. A non-fiction book:  
  13. A collection of short stories: I, Robot by Isaac Asimov
  14. A collection of poetry: 
  15. A play: 
  16. A book you’ve seen adapted: 
  17. A graphic novel: 
  18. A children’s book: 
  19. A book older than 200 years: 
  20. A debut novel: 
  21. A novel by a famous author, other than the one(s) they are best known for: 
  22. A sequel: 
  23. A book by an author you’ve never given a fair shot: 
  24. A book you’ve heard bad things about: 
  25. A book released in 2023: 
  26. Wild Card: 
  27. Wild Card: 
  28. Wild Card: 
  29. Wild Card: 
  30. Wild Card: 

List Progress: 1/30

2023 Watching Resolution

  1. A foreign film: 
  2. A black and white film:
  3. A silent or dialogue-free film: 
  4. An animated film: 
  5. A film based on a true story: Spoiler Alert (2022)
  6. A documentary: 
  7. A film based on a book: Bastard Out of Carolina (1996)
  8. An Oscar-winning movie: 
  9. A trashy movie: 
  10. Your best friend’s recommendation: 
  11. A children’s film: 
  12. A film released in 2023: Missing (2023)

List Progress: 3/12

Movies Outside List:

  1. M3GAN (2022)