The REAL Women Writers of Speculative Fiction


I was fortunate enough to speak with horror author and blogger Emerian Rich, and she has posted our interview as part of the “The Real Women Writers of Speculative Fiction” series. We talk about the unique challenges of being a female writer, social media, and navigating difficult situations in the creative world. Check it out, along with many of the other amazing female authors she has highlighted.

What is something hurtful you’ve had to endure at an event?

It was not something intentionally hurtful, but I participated in a play-reading in New York City in 2014 that was so poorly organized, and honestly poorly planned from the get-go, that even participating in it became very uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing. It was truly a project of love, but passion alone cannot put on a show.

How did you recover from experiencing this hurtful thing?

In all honesty, time and a sense of humor. The event became so bad by the end that it crossed into the absurd, and though it was over five years ago now, my best friend and I still tell the story whenever we get a chance.

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