Table Reading for “Lord Rabbitsby Acknowledges the Body”, February 4th

Since last summer, I have been hard at work on my newest project: a full-length stage play version of my previous ten-minute murder mystery spoof, “They Dun It”. I have been developing this play as part of a commission with PlayGround SF, and with the support and feedback of the company’s Resident Playwrights. Now a draft exists and is ready to get its first taste of the limelight, with a table-reading on Saturday, February 4th, starting at 9am Pacific.

“Lord Rabbitsby Acknowledges the Body” is a comedy of murderous errors. After the esteemed Detective Manderly unravels the case of who murdered Lord Rabbitsby’s wife, the newly-widowed lord wants to try his own hand at detective work. The only trouble is, he’s a blithering idiot. But while he is busy detecting, his anxious valet and a resourceful scullery maid come to realize that the murder of Lady Rabbitsby might be more complicated than it seems.

The table-read will be streamed over Zoom, so feel free to reach out if you are interested in listening to the show.

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