Vote for “They Dun It” for the Monday Night PlayGround’s People’s Choice Award

Last night was a lovely showing of the Monday Night PlayGround, and I was especially thrilled to have my ten-minute play, “They Dun It”, presented as the closer of the evening. Directed by Joy Carlin and starring Lisa Morse, Alicia Mason, Soren Oliver and Michael Barrett Austin, it was a great performance and I am so grateful that all of them helped me to get my piece on its feet.

If you saw the production, either in-person or via simulcast (which is available on video-on-demand for a week after the show), please consider making a donation to the PlayGround theater, and earmarking it with your vote for the November People’s Choice Award. Each dollar counts as a vote for your favorite of the six ten-minute plays presented. It is a great, direct way to support local theater in the Bay Area and to vote for your favorites.

And of course, consider voting for “They Dun It” by Alanna McFall!

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