November Update!

I am writing from Canada! I have temporarily moved to Victoria, BC, where I will be spending the next three months with my fiancee; due to travel restrictions, we have not seen each other in-person since last Christmas, so this is a very welcome visit. But on to the rest of life!


Monday Night PlayGround is well under way, so I am eagerly waiting to see this month’s picks. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!


Not too much on the agenda this month, as I was spending most of it packing and preparing for the move.

Reading and Watching Resolutions

I finished my watching resolution! Films have become my go-to during quarantine, and I finally crossed the last slots off of my list with End Game and There Will Be Blood. I also read some short books for my reading list, but am slowing down with Shark Dialogues by Kiana Davenport, so I might not finish out the whole reading list this year.


Mostly just getting into the groove of cohabitating again! I have longer-term projects I’m working on, but nothing is immediately popping off over the holidays.

And to everyone in the Bay Area, please take care during shelter-in-place.

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