October Update!

It’s been an odd month, in an odd year, but what else is new? But at least I had a lot going on during October!


I finished Killing My Lobster’s Sketch Writing 1 class and had a great deal of fun with it. I am hoping to try my hand at more sketch comedy soon. Monday Night PlayGround has also gotten back into full swing, so wish me luck with each month’s prompt!


Tales of Horror with the San Mateo Library! It was a great experience, and you can still check out my spooky reading on Youtube now.

The Midwest Spec Fic Book Box! If you are trying to find a great present for the fiction-lovers in your life, check out the Midwest Spec Fic Book Box, a collaboration between several indie publishers in the Midwest, looking to introduce folks to some great new voices. And of course, there is a copy of The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus inside for you to gift to all your friends this holiday season.

Reading and Watching Resolutions

After a slow September, I soared through the novels Trafalgar and Before She Sleeps this month, as well as mainlining many, many horror movies. I haven’t written up reviews, but I would highly recommend 1922 and Battle Royale, but do not understand the appeal of Jennifer’s Body.


I am northern bound! In early December, I will be traveling to Canada to see my fiancee, after we have been separated by a border for eleven months now. I will still be working on a lot of writing projects, but while cuddled up next to my girl in the frozen north.

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