September Update!

What a month it has been! I have actually had things to do this September, which has been wild to me, compared to the last six months. So here’s some of what it’s been.


I am four weeks into Killing My Lobster’s Sketch Writing 1 class and loving it so far. The online final reading will be held on October 25th at 5pm, and I am already excited about it. Planning on taking Sketch Writing 2 as well, because I have been loving a chance to stretch my comedy muscles.


Aside from the above-mentioned Sketch 1 reading, I invite everyone to San Mateo Public Library’s Tales of Horror, a Halloween-reading event in collaboration with (who you may recall I did an interview with last year). You can check out a bunch of amazing readings from contemporary horror authors when they go live on October 15th, including my own reading from a spooky chapter of The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus.

Reading and Watching Resolutions

I spent all of September finishing the over-six-hundred pages of The Idiot, so check out my thoughts! Hopefully the next books will be finishing up a little more quickly.


I started a new job at a grocery store! I am following safety protocols and being aware, but I just reached a point where the isolation was damaging to me, and getting to see people again has been a real gift. I hope everyone is doing well as we keep trucking along in the pandemic-times.

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