Monthly Update- June!

Happy Canada Day! I am still trying to find what my rhythm looks like in the Quarantine Times, but there were still some good times this past month.


This has been one true positive, in that I’ve settled into another novel project. It’s very slow going and far too early to talk about, but it feels good to have a solid start to something again.


The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus turned one year old! It has felt simultaneously like much longer and much shorter than that, but I have been a published novelist for a full year. To commemorate it, I had my work featured in the Midwest Book Awards, and though I did not win my category, it was such an honor to have my novel so highly esteemed and among such great competition.

I got a chance to answer some fan questions as r/fantasy’s Writer of the Day, which was a lot more fun than I had anticipated. I don’t use Reddit that often, but it was a great time and hopefully folks found it interesting.

And just last week, Me and AU, an audio rom-com written and produced by my fiancee Andrea Klassen, had its wonderful debut! The second episode comes out tomorrow, so get in and check it out. I can personally vouch that this podcast is a ton of fun.

Reading and Watching Resolutions

The Monk was completely buckwild, and I say that in the best possible way. I am currently about 2/3 of the way through N.K. Jemisin’s The Fifth Season and moving through it fast, so expect a review of that soon.


Wear your masks and keep social distancing where you can! We will get through this, but only together.

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