Monthly Update- April!

As far as I can tell, April 2020 was not anyone’s most productive month, but there were still some things that happened and got completed!


This category was not a rousing success, as huge amounts of global stress do not foster creativity very well for me. But I took a shot at Camp Nano for a while and had a fun time of it, poking at a couple different stories. I am hoping to develop a more regular writing practice for the next month, so wish me luck!


By nature of the shelter-in-place, there have not been a lot of events (the Bay Area Book Festival was scheduled for this weekend), but getting the news that IBPA is going to be holding the Benjamin Franklin Awards online was really great!

Reading and Watching Resolutions

The only book I completed this month was Little Women, but I found it very charming and soothing. As far as films, I would definitely recommend Portrait of a Lady on Fire for all your sapphic period piece needs.

I am currently in the middle of the poetry collection Diamond Grill by Fred Wah, and the gothic novel The Monk by Matthew G. Lewis, so I will have to report on those in the future.


I am thrilled to announce that The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus was nominated for a Midwest Book Award in the “Fiction—Fantasy/SciFi/Horror/Paranormal” category, alongside friend Alex Acks with their book Wireless and More Steam-Powered Adventures. Come watch the results on June 27th!

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