Thank you to everyone at FOGcon and PlayGround!

After a busy busy busy weekend, I just want to share my thanks with everyone who made FOGcon and my table read at PlayGround possible. Both of these events were big milestones in my career as a writer, and getting to interact with these groups as a professional was so very lovely. I got to speak on panels for the first time, got my second ever table read of a full-length script, and got a meet a lot of lovely people. I am tired as all get out, but could not be more thrilled.

The table read for “This Time Last Year” at PlayGround PlaySpace.
My reading at FOGcon, along with Chaz Brenchley and Heather Rose Jones.
More of my reading at FOGcon, with Chaz Brenchley and Heather Rose Jones.
Coming home tired but happy after FOGcon.


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