FOGcon in Two Days!

This time on Friday, I will be preparing for my reading at FOGcon in Walnut Creek, three days of a very fun and intimate sci-fi and fantasy convention:

fogcon 10

In addition to seeing me at my reading, you can check out the two panels I will be speaking on:

Small Scale SFF

Sat, 3:00–4:15 pm

SFF Podcasts

Sun, 9:00–10:15 am

And if you like any of what you hear, you can swing over to the Borderlands Books booth to pick up a copy of The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus, As Told By Things, or No Sh!t There I Was from the now-defunct Alliteration Ink. A huge thanks to Borderlands for carrying mine and a lot of other wonderful author’s work during the con!


So come to a panel, pick up some merchandise, or if you see a cloud of curly hair, come over and say hi!

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