Monthly Update- February

This wasn’t as much of a busy month, but February definitely had a fair amount of things in progress.


February has seen a couple new projects for me, as I submitted a ten-minute play for this month’s Monday Night PlayGround, and have a new novel project that I’m in the early stages of. I have been editing my full-length play “This Time Last Year”, which will see its first full table reading this upcoming Saturday, and I cannot wait to see what that brings for the project.


FOGcon is in less than a week! I am participating in a reading, speaking on two panels, and will be thrilled to see anyone else who is around and wants to say hello! Get your tickets now!

Reading and Watching Resolutions:

Bit of a slighter month for reading. I finished Interview with the Vampire, which I was lukewarm on, and am nearly done with The Book of Memory, which I am unfortunately feeling the same about. But I have seen some great movies and was delighted by Birds of Prey.


Atthis Arts, the publisher of The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus, has a lot of new works and collections that you should check out. Support your indie publishers!



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