Monthly Update- January!

I feel like trying something this year: after the end of the month, I’d love to give folks a little wrap-up post on how the month has been going for my writing, my general stuff, and anything else I have going on. I hope you all enjoy!



It’s been a big script-writing month for me. I finished the first draft of my play “This Time Last Year”, which I am thrilled to have worked on. This piece is a commission from PlayGround, in conjunction with my winning the June Anne Baker Award this past season. This piece will be getting a table read at the PlayGround PlaySpace on March 7th, and I invite anyone who would like to stop by to join me.

I am also currently hard at work on my submission for this month’s Monday Night PlayGround. I haven’t been able to participate much this season, as I’ve been deep in work on the full-length, but my fingers are crossed that I can put together something fun this season.



It has been a planning month for me! In March, I will be attending FOGcon in Walnut Creek, and hopefully speaking on some of the panels there (still TBA). And in May, you will find me with my own book at the Bay Area Book Festival! There’s a lot more to come there, so keep your eyes peeled.


Reading and Watching Resolutions:

I have been positively eating books and movies this month. My favorite has probably been the Order of the Stick prequel book, because I love getting back to my nerdy fandom side.



It’s 2020 and a whole new year where you can read my debut novel The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus. As award season approaches, please consider Triple-C for any nominations you contribute to, as I would love to bring these ghosts and mimes to a wider audience. And thank you to everyone who made 2019 a great year for me to achieve an important milestone in my professional and creative life.

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