2020 Reading and Watching Resolutions, ready to go!

New year, new decade, new books! (Though the first one I post will definitely be majority-read in 2019.) I am ready to go with a fresh new year of reading resolutions!

So my fiancee did point out an issue with my previous year’s list: I was having to pass on a lot of contemporary fiction and spec fic because I couldn’t find anywhere to fit it in the list. And while the list’s purpose is to guide me to new reading horizons, I do also need to remember that I am a member of the spec-fic publishing community now, and I should know what my peers are producing. So with a bit of trimming, this year’s list now has five Wild Card slots, as opposed to the one from last year. Hopefully this will give me some more room to follow my bliss, while still inspiring me to read things I might not have tried otherwise. (The watching resolution list is unchanged, as it served me well this year.)

So here we go! And if you have any recommendations, feel free to drop them my way!

2020 Reading Resolution

  1. A book written in North America:
  2. A book written in Central America:
  3. A book written in South America:
  4. A book written in East Asia:
  5. A book written in South Asia:
  6. A book written in Africa:
  7. A book written in the Middle East:
  8. A book written in Australia/Oceania
  9. A book written in Russia:
  10. A book written in Europe:
  11. A biography:
  12. A non-fiction book:
  13. A collection of short stories:
  14. A collection of poetry:
  15. A play:
  16. A book you’ve seen adapted:
  17. A graphic novel:
  18. A children’s book:
  19. A book older than 100 years:
  20. A debut novel:
  21. A novel by a famous author, other than the one(s) they are best known for:
  22. A book we’re intimidated by:
  23. A book by an author you’ve never given a fair shot:
  24. A book you’ve heard bad things about:
  25. A book released in 2020:
  26. Wild Card:
  27. Wild Card:
  28. Wild Card:
  29. Wild Card:
  30. Wild Card:

2020 Film Watching Resolution

  1. A foreign film:
  2. A black and white film:
  3. A silent or dialogue-free film:
  4. An animated film:
  5. A film based on a true story:
  6. A documentary:
  7. A film based on a book: 
  8. An Oscar-winning movie:
  9. A trashy movie:
  10. Your best friend’s favorite movie:
  11. A children’s film:
  12. A film released in 2020:

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