Still some Callisto Crates available with Triple-C related goodies inside!

If you still want to get your hands on a Callisto Crate box containing your own copy of The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus and a lot of wonderful related goodies, they just announced that they have some left! Swoop in and get them while you can!


And a huge thank you to the San Francisco Book Review and Glenn Dallas, who posted a review of Triple-C today!

The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus is a well-told story about the complexities of friendship, the meaning of mortality, and the beauty and ugliness of humanity. Whether it’s Chelsea trying to resolve her feelings for the ex she left behind, Carmen dealing with being separated from her husband and children, or Cyndricka’s parallel struggles (literally walking across the country while dealing with the worst of humanity), every reader is bound to find something of themselves in one of the characters.

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