Triple-C has been out for two months today!

As of today, I have been a published novelist for two months. In a lot of ways that still feels very surreal. My debut novel, The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus, was released on June 4th and it feels like both so much time has passed since then, and none at all. I have held a book release party, a signing at a book store, I have recorded multiple interviews, I have helped host a full evening dedicated to my work, and I have had my book featured as part of a subscription book service. And beyond all that, I have got to hear responses to my work from those near and dear to me, and from complete strangers who are meeting my words for the first time. Anyone who has taken the time to share a positive review, retweet a link, or tell your friend about this road trip story, I thank you all.

But as far as I have come, I know there is farther I can go. So much of the indie publishing scene is built on artists, creators and publishers hustling and putting their work out there as much as they can. June 4th was the finish line in some ways, and the starting line in many others. Anyone who can share my work with those you know is doing me a huge service, and I thank you for helping this traveling circus find new roads every day.

So if you can, please take a minute to recommend The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus to someone today. To someone who likes ghost stories, to someone who likes road trip tales, to someone who likes feminist and queer literature, or to someone who doesn’t know yet if they like any of those things, but might be interested to try. Hopefully they will enjoy spending times with these ghosts and this mime as much as I do!

The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus

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