Thank you to everyone who came out to see Round 6 of Short Lived!

It was a lovely weekend to see some great theater at Piano Fight, a wonderful venue in the Tenderloin in San Francisco. “Hiiiii”, my ten-minute play, competed with five other shows and came in second place, which I am incredibly proud of. A huge thanks to my last-minute director and cast who brought together this piece in less than a week! The names below are some people to look out for in the Bay Area theater scene.

hiiiii rehearsal

Directed by Jacqueline Bugler

Monica: Lucy Urbano
Louis: Evan Wardell
Dalia: Ashley Marie Marquis
Gina: Gabby Rose
Ricky: Libby Souza

And a reminder: there is still a week to send in questions for my interview with Anne H Maxwell, using #AskAlanna!

ask alanna


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